Purchasing a lakefront Home

Before purchasing or building a new Pocono lakefront home, there are a number of questions to ask yourself...

  •    First of all, what type of lake are you interested in? Must it be a motorboat lake or a quiet non-motorboat lake? Lakefront homes on motorboat lakes are usually more expensive and the lakes are generally larger in size. If peace and quiet is what you need, a quiet non-motorboat lake is probably best for you.

  •    Secondly, how do you determine the value of a lakefront property? Lakefront homes on steep properties may have more dramatic views and vistas, but level lakefront homes are in greater demand, thus higher prices.

  •    Level lakefront properties are more desirable for families with children and generally level properties have a safer and more visible shoreline for viewing and supervising young children. There is nothing more important than this issue for families with children.

  •    The elderly also prefer level lakefront properties. Walking up and down steps can be tiring.

  •    Whenever possible, select a property close to shopping, convenient to schools and with easy access. Choose a home or property with good drainage.

  •    When making a purchase as important as this, always choose a qualified REALTOR to help you. A REALTOR knows where the best lakefront properties are located, knows all the communities, the schools, where to get the best financing and so much more.

See you on the lake!