Lakefront Issues

 There are a number of important issues that affect lakefront homeowners throughout our region and nation.

    First and foremost, the pollutants entering our lakes must be curtailed. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus stimulates excessive growths of algae and rooted aquatic plants. One pound of phosphorus can generate up to 500 pounds of weed and algae growth. Fertilizers are a key source of phosphorus and must be reduced. Farmers and homeowners alike are guilty of contributing to this problem. Educational programs need to be enacted.

    At Lake Wallenpaupack, a watershed management district has developed a comprehensive plan to reduce non-point sources of pollution - including streambank stabilization projects, agricultural programs, educational programs and urban stormwater projects.

   Another source of lake pollutants are from malfunctioning septic systems. Like any other part of your home, septic systems must be maintained on a regular basis.

    Another important issue concerning every lakefront homeowner is dangerous boating practices. With high powered jet boats, "Wave Runners" and "Jet Skis," boating safety needs to be practiced by everyone. There are now many Coast guard boating courses available all over the country.

    Lastly, keeping our lakes pristine requires the saving of our wetlands. Wetlands are vital to our lakes and water supply. Wetlands remove pollutants from overland flows before they reach our lakes, rivers and bays. The restoration and conservation of our wetlands is vital to the future of our lakes.

See you on the lake!