Docks & Boat Slips

As a lakefront homeowner, it is inevitable that you will have your own boat slip. There are many sizes, styles and materials to consider.

   The most popular dock slip is made of pressure treated wood. The cost is reasonable but the maintenance is high. The pressure treated wood cracks, splits and splinters with time. It also requires high maintenance because it is exposed to the water and sun constantly.

   Another dock slip gaining popularity is made of aluminum. It is light weight and easy to maneuver. The disadvantage to the aluminum dock is that, because of its light weight, it tends to be unstable in rough water.

   The newest and best docks built today are made with a pressure treated wood frame with vinyl PVC decking. Vinyl decks won't rot, chip, splinter or crack. It requires no maintenance, will not discolor, stays cool to the touch and has a 10 year guarantee. Vinyl decking also has a grooved design pattern so it is slip resistant. This type of dock is also the most expensive to construct, but it's well worth the investment.

   There are many styles and shapes of boat slips. Depending on the number of boats you need to moor, you may choose a "T" shaped dock, "U" shaped, straight and "L" shaped. The slip should be built with weather resistant hardware and stainless steel adjusting bolts.

   Lastly, there are a number of options to consider. Bumpers and rope cleats are popular to help secure and protect your boat, fishing rod holders, ladders, benches and slides all make the dock slip an exciting place to be!

   Before you construct a new boat slip consider all of your options carefully. A good boat slip should last a lifetime!

See you on the lake!